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Emergency water filtration

In an emergency, access to clean water needs to be secured within hours. Being prepared for unforeseen natural and human led emergencies means having a guaranteed access to clean water and a plentiful supply.

LIFESAVER products are microbiological water filters which use ultra filtration technology to filter out viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites from contaminated water sources. LIFESAVER water filters meet an adaption of NSF Protocol 231 based on recommendations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). LIFESAVER bottles filter bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999%), Viruses to a minimum of Log 4 (99.99%) and Cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9%).

LIFESAVER technology will filter rainwater, water taken directly from lakes, rivers, ponds, or from an unreliable mains water supply to make thousands of litres / gallons of clean water. With LIFESAVER's heat sealed aluminium barrier foil products, the life of LIFESAVER technology is extended by up to 10 years so that you can filter your own drinking water, when you need it most.

Prolonging product life for 10 years.

Proven emergency drinking water supply

An emergency water supply is critical in the hours and days following a disaster situation breaking. Our technology has been tried, tested and proven in the toughest outdoor, military and aid environments. In August 2014, LIFESAVER cubes were airdropped into Iraq to provide civilians with a a supply of emergency drinking water. LIFESAVER products are robust, reliable, easy to use, and sustainable -  our most portable product provides up to 20,000 litres / 5,283 US gallons of clean drinking water.

10 year emergency water storage

The extended shelf life is due to the Aluminium barrier foil which has a water vapour diffusion rate which is 80 times slower than standard packaged polyethylene.

- Aluminium acts as a barrier to prevent water vapour from entering the pack. Water Vapour transition rate (W.V.T.R): <0.01 gm/m2/24hr. 

- Aluminium performs the same protection in reverse - retains glycerine within the hollow fibre membranes 

- Eliminates corrosion of product

Put a LIFESAVER water filter in your bug out bag. Whether it's a LIFESAVER specifically designed emergency preparedness pack, or a single LIFESAVER bottle - effectively plan for your family's water requirements, beyond bottled or canned water.