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The Global Water Issue

783 million people lack access to safe clean drinking water around the world, and everyday have to drink and wash in dirty, contaminated water sources. Waterborne & water transported viruses and bacteria include include: Cholera, E-coli, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Polio. These lead to diarrhoea and severe illnesses. 
Every year 1.7 billion cases of diarrhoea are recorded. Diarrhoea is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old. Diarrhoea can be prevented through safe drinking water. 50% of health services bed occupancy in developing countries is as a result of these waterborne or water transported viruses and bacteria. 


We believe in clean water that:

The LIFESAVER solution

 Emergency rapid response

In an emergency LIFESAVER technology can help keep people alive in the critical hours and days following a natural or human led disaster. LIFESAVER water filters enhance aid efforts by providing people with the means to produce their own safe, sterile drinking water, at the point of use. The LIFESAVER solution revolutionises the provision of aid deployment through utilising a more cost effective, timely and sustainable solution - that is effective beyond the initial deployment.

 - LIFESAVER systems are a partner of DFID's (UK Aid) Rapid Response Facility. This means LIFESAVER products can be deployed with 72 hours of an emergency breaking.

 - The LIFESAVER cube and jerrycan are part of Oxfam's clean water equipment
< provision. Oxfam's pre-positioned LIFESAVER stock be be deployed within 48 hours of a humanitarian disaster.


 Long-term clean water programmes 

LIFESAVER products provide a long-term clean water solution, both for humanitarian staff to ensure they are always with clean drinking water in the field and for beneficiaries in need of a household solution. 

Our most recent case study in Sierra Leone, West Africa saw LIFESAVER work alongside DFID (UK Aid) and the Ministry of Health and Water to provide a community with a LIFESAVER C2. The C2 unit can produce up to 2,000,000 litres of water that will provide the community of 100 people with clean drinking water for 27 years.