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Humanitarian Stockists

Our goal is to work closely with the humanitarian community to improve people's access to clean safe drinking water, both in emergency response situations and through long-term clean water programmes. 

A collaborative approach

We believe a collaborative approach is best and work in partnership with NGO's, charities and governments to ensure LIFESAVER products are deployed to the people and places that require them most. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programmes are devised to ensure people have access to a source of clean safe drinking water. LIFESAVER's innovative technology based solution can fulfil WASH objectives to meet the beneficiaries need for clean safe drinking water. 

We work globally with many agencies on the ground who we supply directly with LIFESAVER products. The main humanitarian stockists who hold LIFESAVER technology are Oxfam and the Department for International Development (DFID/UK Aid). 

LIFESAVER stockists 

Become a partner

If you are interested in stocking LIFESAVER products as an INGO, NGO or disaster relief response partner please contact us