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Why Prepping is so important and how to convince your loved ones to become Preppers

Wesley Clarke-Sullivan - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

So, what’s the deal with prepping? Some people imagine conspiracy theorists in bunkers when they hear the word, but it’s actually simply about being aware of future challenges and making sure you’re prepared. It’s important because resources aren’t infinite and we can never truly predict what’s around the corner, so making sure that you’re in a strong position is sensible. Sometimes it takes a group effort to prep properly, so getting your loved ones on board is a good idea. You can effectively prep together, and be even more prepared for the future. At LIFESAVER, our water filters and purifiers can be central to your prepping plan.

Start Small

One of the best ways to convince your loved ones to get on board with prepping is to show that you don’t have to start hoarding lots and lots of supplies straight away and it doesn’t have to use lots of effort. Setting things aside gradually every month means that you can easily manage the prepping experience, because you’ll hardly notice it’s happening! This can demonstrate to the people around you that you can start small and it won’t impact your current situation.


Prepping is also about prioritising sustainability. It’s about supplies but it’s also about lifestyle. Paying off your mortgage or any debt is about trying to live within your means, and this is an attractive message to pass onto your loved ones to get them on board with prepping. It’s about being secure financially and self-sustainable so if something happens, you’ll be in a strong position. Being sustainable in terms of growing crops, resources and collecting your own water is important too.

New Skills

Learning how to prep is also about acquiring new, useful skills, which is never a bad thing. Getting your loved ones involved means that you can teach them new skills too and show them how they can learn new things which will benefit them in emergency scenarios and generally in their daily lives. Building knowledge and becoming a more skilled and able person is a good way to sell prepping to your loved ones.


Prepping has a big community behind it and you can learn so much from others about how to prep effectively and also make friends too. The appeal of being part of a large, supportive community that is keen to teach people new skills can be a big advantage and will help your loved ones ease their way into a new lifestyle.


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