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Portable water filtration for the outdoors 

Travelling up the Amazon river in a canoe? Hiking and wild camping in the mountains? Or about to embark on an epic overland trip? Knowing how you will gain access to clean safe drinking water in any outdoor situation and having undoubtable confidence in your portable water filtration system is paramount to health and physical and mental performance. 

LIFESAVER® patented ultra-filtration technology has revolutionised people's access to, and consumption of clean safe drinking water whilst on the move. LIFESAVER® portable technology means you can take any fresh contaminated water source and instantly filter out viruses and bacteria in just three steps: Fill, Pump & Drink.  

LIFESAVER technology 


LIFESAVER® is a portable ultra-filtration system that filters out viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens from water without the need for chemicals, power of UV light. 

Portable, durable and high capacity

LIFESAVER® products are portable, durable and high capacity. Filter up to 6,000 litres /  1585 US gallons of water with the LIFESAVER bottle, and up to 20,000 litres / 5283 US gallons of clean water with the LIFESAVER jerrycan for large group/family use. 

Proven in the toughest, most unforgiving environments


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