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Water is Weight, Why carry it?

LIFESAVER® products have been used by regular troops, special forces personnel and paramilitary operatives since 2008. Experience from in-theatre has shown the use of the LIFESAVER® bottle can reduce the weight burden on front line troops by over 4kgs per man. With no extra water bottles to carry that's a huge saving. Using a LIFESAVER® bottle frees up space for more important equipment. LIFESAVER® delivers increased operational duration without the constraints of water resupply. Other tactical advantages include the ability to avoid dependence of known water sources, increasing OPSEC and increased flexibility in mission planning.

Using LIFESAVER® jerrycans in places such as Forward Operating Bases dramatically reduced the need for water re-supply and transportation in theatre. One LIFESAVER® jerrycan can sterilise up to 20 tonnes of clean drinking water without the use of iodine or the need to boil the water. Guaranteed water supply means flexibility, operational freedom and the ability for the logistic supply chain to concentrate on other vital supplies.



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